Consolidate Your Equity to Empower Your Portfolio

If you’re in the business of managing real estate investments, you know you need financing that is designed just for you. Traditional commercial real estate sales for facilities or long-term investments are designed for buyers making a single purchase, so they aren’t built to help you move equity from one property to another. That’s what the stated income commercial real estate loan is great for. You can use it for purchases, refinancing, or even cash-out refinancing when you need to put money into a new investment. This lets you use your highest earning properties to finance your new ventures.

Parameters for Stated Income Loans

  • Loans for credit scores of 600 or higher
  • Up to 65 percent LTV for commercial properties
  • Up to 70 percent for 1-4-unit residential properties
  • Up to 75 percent for apartment buildings with more than 5 units
  • No owner-occupied properties
  • Financing up to $5 million
  • Finance, refinance, cash-out refinance

Building a Portfolio Faster

When you can borrow against your actual earning power instead of financing your next acquisition on the market value of the property, you have the chance to more accurately estimate your overhead and your return, so this loan is designed for investors like you. The best part is that you can use properties you’ve already turned into stabilized investments to finance the ones that you are adding to your operation or to take care of renovations, allowing you to use your financing as a risk management tool. This allows you to do more with your money, reaching a return on your investment faster and allowing you to expand your portfolio more quickly.

Real estate investment is a competitive business. You need the tools that are designed with investors like yourself in mind. Contact Snake River Capital Funding today to talk to our associates about how a stated income commercial real estate loan can do that for you.