Small Business Loan Solutions With Your Company in Mind

Small companies are the heart and soul of the economy, making up some two-thirds of all businesses. That’s why the federal government’s Small Business Administration provides a path to generous loan terms and great interest rates for small companies. SBA loans require borrowers to show their business will contribute jobs and other benefits to the local economy, and they are also restricted to companies with an income below a fixed threshold. If you satisfy those requirements, though, this small business loan format could be just the boost you need.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Loans are available to help small companies purchase the facilities they operate from, and most types of commercial properties qualify:

  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Auto repair shops
  • Dealerships
  • Stores
  • Office and professional buildings

Your company needs to occupy at least 51 percent of the floor space, and other restrictions may apply.

Acquisition Loans

You can also count on these loans to help you buy a company when you’re looking to take over an existing business. With up to 80 percent LTV, these loans make purchasing your new business easy. The company just needs to make less than $1.25 million per year in income while being otherwise financially healthy to qualify. Help keep existing companies alive in your community.

Equipment Loans for Small Businesses

The last thing you can use SBA loans for is equipment financing. These loans are available with terms up to 25 years, and they are designed to help you control your overhead and make a long-term investment in your business. That’s why they put restrictions on how quickly you can start prepayment—to make sure you’re reinvesting in your business during those critical early years. Get financing for the machines that will make your company run and find out how far your business ideas can take you.

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