Use Your Next Project to Fund Your Next Project

When you’re in the business of making or sourcing items for customers, it can be tough to find the right balance of control and flexibility for your cash flow. If you don’t have money on hand for supplies, labor, and other expenses, you can’t say yes to large orders that could potentially expand your market share. At the same time, if you don’t say yes to those orders, you won’t be able to take the risks that let you grow. That’s when you need financing that lets you access the money you will bring in from fulfilling that order. That’s what purchase order financing does.

Applying for a Purchase Order Advance

Our team will review your outstanding orders and your customers’ payment histories alongside your other financials, to determine what percentage of the funds you might be able to receive as an advance. We also take over collecting payment after you deliver the goods, sending you the remainder after the advance and our fees are both subtracted.

Benefits of Financing With Your Purchase Orders

  • Take on large and unexpected orders whenever they come in
  • Expand your market share limitlessly
  • Be as busy as your customers keep you
  • No additional debt or loss of equity
  • Fast decisions and cash distributions
  • Reusable—finance new orders as they come in

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