Be Clear: Why Startups Should Value Transparency

You’ve dreamed for years of starting your own business. Doing so successfully is the culmination of hard work, perseverance and unrelenting dedication. Once you’ve opened the doors to your business, you face many challenges. If you navigate these rough waters, you can achieve your goals and grow and thrive in your business. Along the way, as you face struggles, it’s important to be honest and open with employees, customers, partners, investors and the public in general. Startups face roadblocks more established companies might not encounter. But if you’re transparent with everyone, you can gain respect and admiration and ultimately overcome your challenges.

Transparency With Staff

One of the first things you’ll want to do when you get your new company off the ground is hire the right talent. It’s critical to put in place the best possible employees who not only have experience and skill but who share your vision and passion. Startups will likely face long hours at the office, difficult decisions and even some failure. Form the very beginning, it’s crucial that you are upfront and frank with your employees. Lay out your financial outlook, even if it looks bleak at first. Admit mistakes and missteps. Confide in people your worries and concerns. Staff members would rather understand the pitfalls that lie ahead than for you to blindside them with disastrous news far down the road.

Transparency With Customers and Investors

Never, ever mislead a customer or anyone else with whom you do business. Don’t tell people things are going great if they are in fact in the tank. You don’t necessarily have to give all the details, but developing a culture of openness will foster respect and admiration. Invite feedback and questions, and don’t be afraid to hear the answer. You might even get some fantastic ideas from investors and customers about how to improve your business or your goods and services. You may lose some folks along the way, but many will appreciate your honesty and will be loyal to your from the beginning.

How to Be Transparent

Transparency doesn’t happen without effort. Many people and organizations are naturally cautious and want to closely guard business details (especially the negative ones). While some things are definitely confidential, identify from the moment you start your business what you’ll share with people. Emphasize with your staff your commitment to openness.

Startups should decide from day one to be transparent. If your new business does this, you’ll win people over inside and outside your organization.


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